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Here is an opportunity to learn the art of Web Consulting and Internet Marketing from the most prolific Web Consultant for 50 weeks (Few Hours a week)

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This training is not for everybody! It reserved only for my old clients and friends...

This is not business as usual, and that is why I wont waste time trying to convince you on what I have achieved or why you should join this training. (clients and friends already know that) And I wont even be able to admit all those that will indicate interest. (hence there is no need for a long and convincing sales pitch - Im not selling anything, am only trying to raise a new breed of internet entrepreneurs.)

Visit for Course Outline and FAQ


Course Investment

Regular Mentee:     N160,000 ($1000)
VIP Mentee:             N450,000
VVIP:                       Negotiable

 See it as an investment with a ROI of More than N1 Million after 1 year. You will not just get the ROI, but you will receive skills and certifications.

Due to the dedicated nature of this course (And considering the type of guarantee - risk involved), the training must be very comprehensive. This Implies that only few people can be mentored at a time. Only 13 mentees at a time. (11 people have already booked... meaning only 2 slots are available)

We Have Provided Mobile And Internet Marketing Services For ...